Public Relations and Geotechnical Engineering

Distinguished Colleagues, Dear Friends,

I want to share with you the latest contribution of the Public Relations Committee (PRC) which we created in 2011 to continue to enhance the image of Geotechnical Engineering. Dr. Marc Ballouz, chair of PRC, and his committee members have done a remarkable job of preparing a number of media instruments listed below including a YouTube video, an informational web site, a brochure, and the time capsule. Please, take a minute to look at them, find Marc at the upcoming Paris conference (ISSMGE Booth 97), discuss improvements with him, and get involved in enhancing the image of our profession. It is a long road but if we do not start now we will never get there.

· The ISSMGE/PRC Movie: “What is Geotechnical Engineering” , accessible through Youtube at . It will be shown in Paris at the ISSMGE Booth 97

· The ISSMGE/PRC Website: “What is Geotechnical Engineering” at

· The ISSMGE/PRC flyer (attached) – 1000 hard copies are already printed for the Paris Conference (ISSMGE Booth 97)

· The ISSMGE/PRC Roll-Up Banner (attached) – 2 Roll-up Banners will be available in Paris (ISSMGE Booth 97)

· The ISSMGE/PRC Time Capsule: A time capsule in the form of a metallic Barrel, titled “Geotechnical Engineering” will be launched at the Paris Conference (ISSMGE Booth 97). The capsule will be marked by a plate as shown in the attached picture. It will include objects and material collected from country members that best represent geotechnical engineering today. The time capsule will be registered by the ISSMGE secretariat at the following address:

Thank you very much Dr. Ballouz and PRC members for your hard work. We all appreciate your remarkable contribution. See you in Paris.

Jean-Louis Briaud

President of ISSMGE