ISSMGE News & Information Circular – SEPTEMBER 2020


See the ISSMGE website – for full details of all ISSMGE activities. This circular is also available from the web: Please distribute this Circular widely.

1. Webinars

              Webinars recently added to the ISSMGE educational resources available from the website: 

  1. Prof Mark Jaksa: 2nd John Burland Lecture: Reflections on Some Contemporary Aspects of Geotechnical Engineering Education – From Critical State to Virtual Immersion
  2. Rodrigo Salgado: Forks in the Road: Rethinking Modeling Decisions that Defined Teaching and Practice of Geotechnical Engineering
  3. Susan A. Ambrose: Prior Knowledge, Learning and Common Instructional Practices Grounded in Evidence
  4. Luciano Picarelli:  The Classification of Landslides in Soils in a Mechanical Perspective.
  5. Fumio Tatsuoka: Geosynthetics-Reinforced Soil Structures – Developments from Walls to Bridges.
  6. Pijusch Samui: “Machine Learning in Geotechnical Engineering

2. Corporate Associates Presidential Group:

The August 2020 update of Corporate Associates’ varied and exciting activities around the world can be found here  Why and how to join as a Corporate Associate are detailed in

3. Bulletin

The latest edition of the ISSMGE Bulletin (Volume 14, Issue 4, August 2020) is available from the website

4. Federation of International Geo-Engineering Societies (FedIGS)

The Federation of International Geo-Engineering Societies (FedIGS) is a collaborative association of international professional societies in the field of “Geo-Engineering” and serves to facilitate cooperation among them.  It has launched its revamped website, which can be viewed at

The cooperating societies forming the FedIGS Board are:

  • International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE)
  • International Society for Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (ISRM)
  • International Association of Engineering Geology and the Environment (IAEG)
  • International Geosynthetics Society (IGS)

FedIGS also has a number of Joint Technical Committees:

  • JTC1 Natural Slopes and Landslides
  • JTC2 Representation of Geo-Engineering Data
  • JTC3 Education and Training

Further details about the FedIGS can be found at

 5. ISSMGE Online Library – Open Access

 The ISSMGE Online library ( is in continuous development – please note the following additions:

1st (2007) and 7th (2019) International Symposium on Geotechnical Safety and Risk

10th International Symposium on Field Measurements in Geomechanics (FMGM2018)

25th European Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference

6. ISSMGE Foundation

 The next deadline for receipt of applications for awards from the ISSMGE Foundation is the 30th September 2020. Click here for further information on the ISSMGE Foundation.

 7. Conferences

 For a listing of all ISSMGE and ISSMGE supported conferences, and full information on all events, including deadlines, please go to the Events page at  However, for updated information concerning possible changes due to the coronavirus outbreak (ie. postponements, cancellations, change of deadlines, etc), please refer to that specific event’s website.

As might be expected, many events have been rescheduled and we update the Events page whenever we are advised of changes.

The following are events that have been added since the previous Circular:

ISSMGE Events           


Parque del Conocimiento – Posadas, Misiones, Argentina; Language: Spanish; Organiser; Sociedad Argentina de Ingeniería Geotécnica; Contact person: Andres Ayala; Address: Av. Ulises López, N3300 Posadas; Email:,; Website:                        

Non-ISSMGE Events

Buchanan Lecture – Texas A&M University – 06-11-2020 – 07-11-2020  

Zoom virtual, College Station, United States;  Language: English; Organiser: Texas A&M University; Contact person: Jean-Louis Briaud; Email:; Website: